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The personnel union for the Employment and the Economy- Administration

The personnel union for the Employment and the Economy- Administration is an occupational organization in the Employment and the Economy industry. The membership in this organization is based on work, not studies, in the administrational sector. Currently THHL has 17 member organizations. The members in these organizations are working in different offices of employment or economy, TE-centers, service centers or in the Ministry of Employment and the Economy (TEM).

THHL represents its members in meetings, working groups and in organs of co-operation of the TEM- administrational sector as well as in other areas were expertise of the sectors is needed. Furthermore THHL states its opinions, writes pleadings and does background work in a variety of subjects that concern the everyday life of its members.

There is a contact person for THHL present in all of the working units, whose responsibility it is to make sure that every announcement and message reaches the members. If needed, the members can also turn to the local person elected to the position of trust as well as to other actors in the organization.

The organizations have a representative in the union’s executive committee and in turn the union also has its representative in the executive committee of Pardia. The union also has active representatives in the diverse organs of co-operation at a local, regional and national level. THHL is working as an influential and solid actor with the aim of securing the interests of its members.

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